Newcastle United in the 1950s

John Lennon and the 1952 FA Cup final

There is an unexpected connection between Newcastle United’s win in the 1952 FA Cup final and John Lennon of The Beatles.

The photograph below shows George Robledo of Newcastle United (second from the right) scoring the winning goal against Arsenal. Robledo has headed at goal,  the ball has struck the inside of the post, and has gone over the line. Jackie Milburn is on the right.

Image courtesy of the Newcastle Chronicle.

Over in Liverpool, John Lennon, aged 11 , made this drawing of the goal:

John Lennon then used this drawing as part of the artwork for the cover of his 1974 album, ‘Walls and Bridges’. The album's elaborate outer jacket featured some of his drawings, including this one. The drawing featured Newcastle United's number 9, Jackie Milburn.  Lennon lived as a child at 9 Newcastle Road and had a lifelong fascination with the number!

Walls and Bridges album cover.

For the full story, please see this fascinating article by Dan Warburton in the Newcastle Chronicle: