Newcastle United in the 1950s

St James' Park, c.1950 Image courtesy the Newcastle Chronicle.


Key Themes

The women football fans of Newcastle United who were interviewed for this project have shared a wealth of fascinating memories, now shared with you on this website.

While each fan had their own unique stories to tell, there are some key themes that can be highlighted.

A significant number of women went to watch Newcastle United at St James’ Park throughout the 1950s, more than has been appreciated.

Many more women followed the fortunes of the team, but could not go to games, or only rarely did, due to work, childcare responsibilities, or lack of money.

It was not generally seen as socially acceptable for women to go to the games on their own. They usually went with friends and family.

Contrary to the views of some men fans at the time, the women fans were highly knowledgeable about the game, the players and the tactics.

The women fans have vivid memories of Newcastle United’s FA Cup wins in 1951, 1952 and 1955. Some were lucky enough to get to the finals at Wembley. All remember the triumphant returns of the teams with the FA Cup to the city.

When Newcastle United were playing away, many women (and men fans) went to watch other local teams play – including Sunderland! While there was rivalry, support for teams in the region often superseded local rivalries.