Newcastle United in the 1950s

St James' Park, c.1950


Watching Newcastle Uniteds youth team and reserves

Women fans did not just watch Newcastle United’s first team. They also used to watch the Newcastle United reserves team and youth team.

Eliza remembers that:

“Sometimes when Newcastle were away, I would go to St James’s to watch the reserves. Yes because they were a good team. Even the reserves were. Wasn’t crowded in those days for the game with the reserves.  I went on my own to watch the reserves. But then it wasn’t a crowded pitch, not pitch, ground. Yes I could just lean over the barrier quite easily. And see everything. And that was in Leazes’ End then.”

Beatrice also recalled sometimes following the youth team:

“When the team were away we would go in the morning because either the ‘boys’ as they called them, ‘the boys’, but they weren’t they were the youth team,  they would be about aged 17 or 18 year old - who would play in the morning. Or we would go to the reserve match, because the reserves had their own league then.”